Bigmates Telematic Solutions

Are you utilising Bigmates GPS trackers to their full potential?

Bigmate have a wide range of fully customisable GPS tracking solutions that are responsive, innovative and cutting -edge.

Bigmates GPS systems not only tracking but can offer:

  • Fuel Consumption
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Fleet Utilisation
  • Efficient routing
  • And much more…

Fuel consumption and efficiency for optimisation and ultisation reporting

Fuel consumption in fleet management is one of the biggest inhibitors to businesses. The cost association with fuel consumption can provide immediate benefits to revenue. Below are key areas Bigmate can help with reporting to improve efficiency and optimise reporting functions to maximise ROI.




Fuel efficiency can be boosted by up to 30% with vehicle maintenance



Hard breaking and aggressive driving show increased fuel consumption of 40%

 idlebox_logo (1).png



Unproductive idle time uses 25% of the daily fuel consumption. An average of 3 litres of fuel per hour.




Under-inflated tyres contribute to an increase of 6% in fuel consumption



Employees not taking the most direct route burn excessive fuel


Un-serviced cars can use up to 50% more fuel then a serviced vehicle


Solutions to fuel consumption

Bigmate offers reporting on all the above functions. We understand that insight and visibility are key areas when looking for business optimisation. All reporting can be customised for each company but below is an example of reporting that Bigmate can produce.


Idle time

idle time.png

Fuel consumption

fuel usuafwe.png