We've previously explained how Bigmate can tailor GPS software solutions to suit your needs but our powers of customisation don't end there.

Recently our team completed a build of 48 custom made enclosures for one of our whitelabel distributors.

The enclosures are feature-rich and include:

  • Syrus 3G GPS tracking device
    • high speed data transfer
    • internal backup battery - up to 10 hours
    • intelligent geofencing capabilities
  • Access to both cellular and Iridium satellite networks for continuous communication
  • IP67 sealed, waterproof casing
  • 12-24V converter
  • Duress pendant with a 500m range which works with or without the vehicle's ignition on
  • Deutsch connectors making installation and swap out easy

Usually, our harware solutions are a little less work intensive but on those occasions when a custom designed enclosure is required to meet the end-customer's specific needs, our expert team is up to the task.

Could a custom designed hardware and/or software solution by Bigmate be the answer to current problems in your business? Contact us to find out how we can help!