One of our agricultural customers from North Western NSW sees the full potential of Bigmate’s GPS tracking technology after having it installed only 6 weeks ago…

Our customer was awoken early one morning by his security company advising there had been a break in at his main workshop.

With a fleet of over 30 vehicles it was difficult for our customer to initially advise police which of his vehicles were missing. Police were relieved when advised Bigmate GPS tracking technology had recently been installed to all but three of his vehicles.

A quick search of the Bigmate Operation Report immediately showed an active vehicle. A photo of that vehicle’s Journey Report, showing an address it had been driven to, was given to police. In a short amount of time police were able to recover the stolen vehicle and more!

Upon arriving at the address gained from the Bigmate Journey Report, police searched the property and located another concealed vehicle out the back! Luckily for our customer this vehicle was one of the three from his fleet that didn’t have Bigmate GPS tracking technology installed.

After only 3 hours of the break in, police were able to return both of the stolen vehicles to our customer and were quoted as saying “we wish everyone had Bigmate GPS tracking installed”.

Bigmate National Sales Manager Craig Sainsbury said it was great to have such wonderful feedback and such a positive outcome for another happy customer.

“It’s situations like these that really prove how valuable Bigmate GPS tracking technology really is.”

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