Big On Efficiency? Big On Compliance? Choose A Bigmate GPS Tracking Device

 You’ve heard of Bigmate, right? From our reputation for supplying innovative GPS tracking devices to our proud association with Bigmate racing, you can rest assured that we understand vehicles, in a BIG way. 

Our team brings together over 20 years of fleet vehicle management experience, expert qualifications in technology and communications, and a good old fashioned passion for service.

The result? Our outstanding range of fully customizable transport tracking tools that help you do business better.


 Here’s why Big IS best

A Bigmate GPS tracking unit keeps you informed, efficient and accountable on the road, whether you’re a fleet manager monitoring the routes of your drivers, or a long haul truckie keeping an eye on fuel efficiency. Wherever and whatever you drive, a comprehensive tracking device tailored to your individual needs will be your new best mate.

Bigmate is one of a handful of Australian companies offering a TCA Type Approved device meeting the highest of regulatory standards. This is a huge advantage for you when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Our tracking tools are easy to use from your mobile, tablet or PC. What’s more, they’re fully customizable, making your records accurate and relevant to the job at hand.

Fleet manager? Be the owner who’s in the know

If you’re a business owner, you need to understand the day to day activities of your company from the ground up. You’re expected to be across the whereabouts of your vehicles at all times, as well as supporting your drivers. Be sure you stay ‘in the know’ with the latest GPS tracking technology from Bigmate.

Driving a truck or fleet vehicle? You’ve got enough on your plate

As a driver, there’s not a lot of down time in your day. Between road safety, vehicle maintenance and delivering goods as required, record keeping is the last thing you want to think about! A Bigmate GPS tracker saves hours of time wasted on manual processes. Big features include:

  • Fast communication and job dispatching
  • Recording engine hours, location and speed
  • A duress button, in case of emergency
  • Incident logs (if anything happens to go wrong, it’ll never be ‘your word against theirs’). 

Don’t just take our word for it

Bigmate and Refuelling Solutions have been in partnership for several years.  Ross Gardyne Business Applications Manager quotes: 

"We have an effective partnership with Bigmate resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship for both companies by using their 3G devices throughout our fleet of Mini-Tankers® and Maxi-Tankers®. Their platform ensures we are providing professional services to our clients, including monitoring our product delivery, locations, and operator behaviour, whilst ensuring our extensive compliance requirements are being met through their tracking platforms. Refuelling Solutions® is a nationwide fuel management solution offering logistics, delivery, information and analysis and requires a company to track and measure all parts of our business to ensure safety, compliance and efficiency".

With Bigmate, your reporting, timekeeping and regulatory compliance is made easy – letting you get on with the job. 

Bigmate offers a 3 day turn around on orders, state-of-the-art in-house designed tracking tools, and exclusive distribution rights for other leading brands. Oh, and did we mention Bigmate Racing? 

Let Bigmate help you do business better, with superior GPS tracking devices for your vehicles. Give us a call on 1300 477 787 and talk to an expert in telematic solutions today.